Jackie Bahu is a Professional Realtor, Investor & Philanthropist.

Jackie Bahu started her Real Estate career in 1996, when she took a class at a Community College on how to buy foreclosures and flip them. Excited about the class and opportunities, she quickly put what she learned to work.  In 1997, she purchased her first foreclosure and then sold it in 2004, making $778,000! Excited, she went on to learn more and jumped back into the classroom, taking even more classes and some on subject two transactions, purchasing homes at a very low cost and using very little investment money. Putting her skills to work, she began purchasing distressed properties, fixing them up and re-selling them. Some properties she decided to hold on to and use as rental income.

Between 1996-2000, Jackie built a strong portfolio in Southern California and decided to sell when the market peaked, moving her investments to the Oregon and Washington areas.

Since then, she has purchased a variety of properties from apartment complexes to condos, single family homes and commercial real estate. She has gained a vast amount of experience not only with her own properties, but with clients that she works with closely. She has shared her expertise helping customers find first time homes, dream homes, investment properties, land and commercial properties. There’s no question, Jackie loves what she does and wants to help clients make buying and selling a smooth and enjoyable process!

If you’re interested in setting up a complimentary appointment with Jackie Bahu,
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